Causes of depression

Depression rarely has just one cause. The disease is most common causes by different complex factors. Usually, they occur at the same time. These include: negative experiences, severe long-term illness, hereditary factors, personality characteristics, living conditions, family and professional relations. It has long been known that the specificity of life in big cities has a different impact on the population than life in small towns and villages. The most typical causes of depression among residents of large cities are:

  • The pace and chaos of life accompanied by stress.
  • Continuous rivalry in professional life.
  • Job insecurity.
  • Fatigue, too little sleep.
  • Problems with self-esteem.
  • Taking too many tasks at the same time.
  • Community pressure.
  • The pursuit of wealth.
  • Differences in financial status.
  • Problems in personal life.
  • Loneliness.
  • Lack of perspectives for the future.