Depression at work

In the EU, 17% of men and 20% of women reported that stress, depression and anxiety are the most serious illnesses associated with work.

  • A decade ago, the average total annual cost of treating one patient with depression in Poland was estimated at almost 11 thousand. z艂, while indirect costs amounted over two-thirds. Today, it is more than three times higher...
  • Patients with moderate depression who received treatment were 2.5 times more likely to be productive than employees who were not treated.
  • Patients with severe depression who underwent therapy were 7 times more likely to maintain high productivity than those who were not treated.
  • The British estimate that one in four employees in their country suffers form mental health problems, and among these cases, the most common disorder is depression.
  • In Poland, there are approximately 165.5 thousand patients registered in mental health clinics. About 80% of them are persons excluded from the labor market and daily professional activity.
  • Total cost of treating depression in the United States reaches 44-60 billion dollars a year. As much as 75% of this amount is consumed by indirect costs. For comparison, the cost of treating heart disease amounts to $43 billion, cancer - $164 billion, and AIDS - $66 billion.
  • These data suggest that depression is not only one of the most serious medical problems, but also a serious economic problem